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Koral's Studio is located at the
Koka Art Gallery
409 S Main Street
Carthage MO 64836

Hours Tues-Fri 9-5:30
Sat 9-1
Appts available Monday and After Hours

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  Koral Martin Photography Samples floral infrared colorblkwhite landscape

“Nature has always drawn me, mostly, I guess, because of its inherent beauty, a beauty I see manifest in both the serenity of its order and the excitement of its chaos. Too, it possesses unending variety, is ever changing, and, to me, offers surprises, wonderful surprises, at every look, every step, along every path, and in every corner and crevice. When taking photographs I try to capture this beauty, variety, change, and surprise. Every work of nature, no matter how small, has a story to tell, a story that the casual observer may never see, never grasp. I try to make my photographs tell that story. I may spend hours walking just a short distance down a path, along a stream, or through a woods, examining at length everything from lichen and algae growing on a rotted log to pebbles lining a brook, unique reflections in the water, or saplings edging a stream, looking for the patterns, relationships, and interactions that are all around me, seeking to capture the line, form, light, color, and texture that are forever present in the works of nature. With my photography I try to draw observers in, so they feel they’re part of the experience and are aware of and interested in the story. Shooting at unique angles and using macro and infrared photography are some of the ways I bring life and story to my images.

Shoal Creek and Grand Falls (in Missouri) - Koral Martin Fine Art Photography

Shoal Creek and Grand Falls (in Missouri) - Koral Martin Fine Art Photography

Photos taken year-round from about a 10 mile stretch of Shoal Creek in Missouri (near Joplin), including Grand Falls, Wildcat Park and Wildcat Glades Conservation Area

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