Help Me Fund Alaska Photo Tour Trip Summer 2021

A year ago my husband out of the blue said why don't you do that Alaska photo trip I know is on your bucket list. It can be your birthday, Xmas, Valentine's for the next so many years. Wow, I could do a phenomenal Alaska trip with wildlife including lots of bear, birds, whales, glaciers mountains, lakes.... I signed up right away. I don't think he knew how much it would cost if I were to hit all the great spots I wanted to go to. I sat down and  figured it all up and I'll be 97 before I'll get to have birthday, Christmas or even Valentine's. Yikes!!! Lol.
So that is why I've come to you to help me out. Maybe we can atleast lessen it to 87.   I'll make sure you will get something out of it too in addition to helping me out. And you can journey with me and even get a nice gift or 2, since obviously I'm not getting any gifts, any time soon, so atleast someone will. Ha ha.

So other than helping me out with my situation, what's in it for you??


I will be doing 8 days of a photo tour of phenomenal Alaska country and I will be adding another week searching out on my own some amazing places. I would love to share this with you. The amazing phenomenal beauty of Alaska!!  During the tour we will be spending most of our time in the Kenai Peninsula and visiting Homer, Stewart ,and spending time out on the boat capturing wildlife and of course some glaciers and so many other great destinations and then 3 days at Lake Clark capturing bears. So fun!!
On my own time, I hope to see lots of beautiful Alaskan lakes including the Eklutna lake, glorious glaciers including the Matanuska Glacier, and of course a spectacular trip up to Denali....
So join me. I will start doing some live videos and stories right away which I will share with you. While I'm there, I won't always have cell service, but I will be writing a journal so I can share the story with you when I can, I will share images and video as I can and also facebook and instagram lives as I can. I should have wifi most evenings. Then based on your donation amount, you will get a printed photo(s) of your choice from the trip. As a supporter you will get more of everything!!  That is why I am asking for this dollar amount - a good portion of your donation will pay for your photo  - you can opt out of that if you would like me to get the full amount. :-)
So help me have a birthday before I'm 97 ( and pay for some of those extra places I want to go and capture the Alaskan Beauty)  and get so much for yourself by journeying with me to Alaska and even a printed photo to remember it by. Each level of donation will allow you to get a different size and type of prints from my trip and help me be able to celebrate those special days with my hubby sooner. :)
Below is a list of what you will get.  I will work with you if you would like a different variation.  Just get in touch with me :)