Final Countdown - The Stress is Building but so is the Excitement....

The final countdown has begun and I am beginning to feel a little more stressed about my trip. Just a little over a week away. YIKES!! I am running out of prep time. I will do one more long steep hike on Monday and then backing off and giving all a rest. Am I ready physically?? I have no idea LOL. I have done what I can do, and it will be what it will be, I guess.

I have my Atlas Adventure backpack that I will be using and Monday I will hopefully hike with it as full as it will be on my Utah trails and packed accordingly - this means camera gear, waders, extra boots, dry bags etc YIKES.  Had to do some changing around but Atlas Packs has really taken care of me.  I hope to try out my waders and water boots this weekend and try to figure out how many layers I need for the cold water and how best to hike in water - it will be a new experience.  I won't get to do a long hike in water but hopefully all will go well.  Bit scary knowing I will have all my camera gear on my back.  A fall really would not be good :) 

Do I have all the camera gear I want for the trip?  Not really - there are a few more things I want to get but it all just adds up and I have to think - is this something that will make a difference.  Do I have the things I really need - hopefully.  This trip will be challenged in my photography skills.  It will not be anything I've not done before, but it will be different. I am so excited about that!!!

I am looking forward to  the challenges ahead.  I know I am going to see beautiful country.  One of my challenges is what do I really need to carry in my pack - what lens, what bodies, what filters.  I need to limit my weight but what if the curly horn sheep is there and I don't have my zoom lens and what if...  You get the picture.  My plan is to settle in on that with this last long hike coming up and try to stick with those decisions. As Tyler tells me, I tend to stress over these type things too much. I love to research but I probably carry it too far. Oh and then there are the clothes - its going to be cold and we will be hiking in frigid weather ugh. I know quite stressing, take the layers, it will be fine...

I have pages of notes of things to remember to do and take.  Sure there are things I'm forgetting, but hopefully will think of them before I leave.  I know there are some things I've talked about with my friends and family that haven't made it to the list - can't remember what they were.... (so if you made a suggestion I said was good, make it to me again). Getting older is so much fun - NOT.  I am so blessed to have a supportive family. My husband Dan has been my great sounding board and super supporter, my brother Parham has been great for brain storming.  Action Photo Tours staff has been a big help!  Thanks Nicole and David! This list goes on and on, my kids, my extended Weber Family, My uncle, my Artists friends, my home group family,the local businesses, etc etc etc. 

Time to get back at it, need to get the gallery in order for tomorrow, get some orders done for clients, think about what I'm forgetting - oh and get workers for while I'm gone and... 0h man - Prayers for lessening my stress....  I know it will be great - JUST BREATHE!