Fun at Kachemak Bay and Gull Island

My Alaska Adventure out on Kachemak Bay was phenomenal.  We left Homer early in the morning on a chartered boat and headed towards Gull Island which is about three miles form the Homer Split.  There are as many as 20,000 seabirds that build their nests in the  rocks and cliffs of the Island.

The island itself is only about 300 meters long and about 30 meters wide along much of its length.  It is the most views seabird rookery in the Bay.  We circled all around it several times.  I was fascinated with all the nests and types of birds roosting  in every nook and cranny.

There are about 8 to 10,000 black-legged Kittiwakes  but in smaller numbers we saw other types of gulls, comerants, puffins and common murres.  The sound was almost deafening as we drew near to the island.  Birds were flying in all direction and there were nests in every nook and cranny of the island.


photographing wildlife on a boat is a challenge

The birds were great fun but what really made this boat trip fantastic was the sea otters.  They  really entertained us.  Some just layed back with hands over their ears, some were chewing on their feet, and some just spun round and round and round (See video below to see the fun)

The puffins were also a treat to see.  This is a tufted puffin.  We saw them up in the clifts but it was fun to capture them out in the water too.  Guess this one was doing some nest building or repair. 

I really enjoyed my time out on Kachemak Bay.  I will be adding photos for a while from my Amazing Alaska Journey at and on my Facebook and Instagram so keep and eye out and enjoy my video too with more fun!

 Enjoy my video to see more photos and video:  Gulls, Otters, Puffins and More.