Happy New Year


I know so many are glad to see 2020 go and are looking forward to 2021. I too am looking forward to 2021, but I have many great memories and experiences from 2020 amongst all the bad. I was able to get out a lot more with my camera and even though there was times that my business was closed, I was able to share my love of the world around us with those who couldn't get out. I felt fortunate that I could share such wonderful images of nature to help those who needed some peace and calm and beauty in their life.

Photography is a passion for me and I love every chance I have to get out with my camera. I got early up in the morning for the sunrises and stayed up late for sunsets and any chance I could I was on the road often with my husband and two pup dogs capturing the wonders of the world. I was able to do lots of short trips and a big trip to the West Virginia area and a trip to Colorado. I have started planning my 2021 with hopes that travel can happen. I will be doing a trip to Alaska in June and lots of other smaller trips too. Stay tuned as I will be sharing more about my trip plans to Alaska.

I will continue to get up early in the mornings and capture the sun rises and stay up late evenings for the sunsets and travel around a capture our world is often as I can. I'll continue to do online gallery shows and I'm going to start a regular stories around the campfire to tell you the stories behind my photos. I will be sending out details on that too very soon. I am hoping to do weekly.  

I am also adding more video to show more of my story.  I will be sharing here on my blog and with my products.  But I hope you and yours can have a wonderful wonderful 2021 and may it bring peace and joy and a new calm; and healing that we are needing so desperately.

If you have something you would like to see from me like more blogs, more stories behind the photos, more videos, let me know and I am glad to look into it. I am so glad to bring you want you want.

Thanks again for following me and lets look forward to all that 2021 can bring us!  Know mine is going to have lots of nature!!!