Journey with Me at Wildcat Glades

My Journeys at Wildcat Glades

Redings Mill Bridge

Early one Rainy Morning

barred owl

Got to watch him for 45 minutes

Trout Lily

Love the Spring Wildflowers

Why the Glades...

In these times, I am limited in where I can go and hike.  Obviously I want to respect social distancing both for myself and others so I have to work hard at finding a place where there aren't people.  That makes timing an issue, I need to be out there before people start coming in.  

Thus I need a handy location.  Wildcat Glades near Joplin MO fits that bill for me.  It is a location I have hiked and photographed for years, but more recently I hadn't spent as much time there.  I have been doing more journeys further away. But during these crazy times though, I have returned to this place I love.

Some of my Journeys...

Since the doors to my studio are closed, I'm more available to take off on my journeys.  I can go early and stay as long as I want.  A few weeks ago, I headed out early to the Glades to try and beat other hikers and hopfully  capture some spring wildflowers. I headed to my favorite spot along the trail where Silver Creek comes into Shoal Creek.  And WOW.  The banks along Silver Creek were covered in Trout Lilies. Tons of Yellow (see image at top) and just a few white lilies.  There were even Trilliums (see images at very bottom) and a few other flowers. How fun.  I spent hours enjoying the flowers and seeing how I might could capture their beauty. It is such a great get-away and I can forget all about my troubles while I immerse my self in all the beauty!

One Rainy Morn...

Saturday before Easter I woke up early and decided to head out and see what I could see.  It was cloudy so didn't look like there would be a sunrise.  It was even sprinkling off and on.  I took off driving and ended up at Wildcat Glades.  The Glades has a 3 mile loop trail along Shoal Creek.  On one end you cross over the creek on the Redings Mill Bridge. On one side is the bluffs and on the other is a trail that is at water level.  I took some great shots of reflections of the bridge (see images at top) and then I hiked towards the bluffs.  The rain came and went and then for one brief moment the sun came out and highlight some trees as I looked across to some dogwood trees.  It was so beautiful and a wonderful hike, Even with the rain showers!

Grand Falls and it is!

In this same area is Grand Falls. It is also on Shoal Creek downstream from Wildcat Glades.  This is the largest falls in Missouri.  It can vary in appearance a great deal depending on the amount of water running over it.  I just visited it a couple of days ago and the water flow was high.  I shot it with 2 different lenses and settings, giving each a completely different feel.  The first I did a nice long exposure and the 2nd I did a very wide view with a special fish-eye lens.

I find waterfalls so soothing and calming.  It brings down my stress level immediately.  I enjoy just sitting beside them!

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So Relaxing!