My Winter Journey To Utah and Back

 “In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir

I decided to attend a 3 day photography in Utah called the Outsiders this Month (March 2023)  I would take my time driving there and back taking in the views along the way and hopefully get some good shooting in while in the Kanab Utah area.  I hoped maybe I could even get some snow - All my wishes came true....

The first day took me into Southern Colorado.  My day started with a flat tire outside of Wichita and yes it was Sunday so made things harder.  I wasted a few hours dealing with that.  That evening I had to drive through some horrendous storms with extreme wind, golf ball size hail and lightening in Kansas.  I had hoped to be to my destination before the storms started but the flat tire messed that up! But I made it to my destination in Colorado after a beautiful sunset.

On the morning of day 2 of my trip to Kanab Utah for my Outsiders Photography Conference I drove through Southern Colorado. I was driving through an area I had seen pronghorns before so I had my fingers crossed and it worked. Love seeing the pronghorn!! The views were wonderful too! 

That afternoon I drove through Wolf Creek Pass and enjoyed Treasure Falls on the way to Durango CO. The falls were frozen which was nice but the snow was too deep to get close.
Got in before my little house was ready so enjoyed a drive and the wonderful views up towards Silverton, This is a favorite drive in the fall but was fabulous in the winter too!

I had to leave Durango earlier than planned as a big snow storm was moving in to Utah and Colorado. I had a beautiful drive with lots of fun views! Turns out it was a good thing I moved ahead and roads were closed all through Arizona the next few days.

The forecast was correct and we got about  6 inches over night with a total of 8 inches of snow in the Kanab Area.  I took off trying to find some fun wintery views in the area.  I loved the trees and snow up against the red rock that was all around! It snowed off and on all day which made things even more beautiful.

On my 2nd day in Kanab with snow, I decided to take off and see if I could catch Zion with snow.  It only lasts a short time there. What a day - beautiful views and I even hiked up to Upper Emerald Falls. That was a slick slushy and muddy hike but so glad I did it.

Capturing Bryce Canyon with snow has been on my bucket list for years.  It is at a higher altitude than Kanab and Zion so it was much more likely to get more snow and to stick around so I planned on visiting it on the last day of our conference as we were finished mid day - so glad we did!! We first stopped at Red Canyon which was beautiful and then headed on to Byrce.

The views were phenomenal.  The snow again the red orange rock enhanced all of the textures and colors and formations.  It was amazing.  

WoW, WoW, WoW...

This sunset was phenomenal.  We had about a 280 degree view and the valley started lighting up in then moved across the canyon.  The light danced on all of the rock formations and then the color came on.  We didn't know where to look as it was all amazing.  I will never forget this evening!

The trip back had many wonderful views too.  I drove scenic highway 12 back and then spent the night in the Moab area.  The views along the way were great and I always love the Moab area - especially along the Colorado River area