Snow Geese!

Snow Geese fun...

It was another snowy day in Missouri. We've got more snow this year than usual and last year we had one big snow. The snow brought my memories back to last year when we had two weeks of snow and nasty weather and at the tale end, I was out driving and saw lots of snow geese. I felt like it should be time for them to be passing through again.  Another fellow photographer and I were down by Spring River, outside of the town I live, photographing the snow and the birds in the area and he heard geese flying overhead and saw a small flock of snow geese flying over. This let me know they were in the area and I decided to take off driving to the area where I'd seen in the prior year. I drove around a good bit and didn't see them and was about to head home went out in a field, that was fairly green with patches of snow, I saw white that didn't look like snow and it was mixed in with some dark spots. As I drew closer I realized it was the snow geese.

So I walked out toward them. Typically the snow geese will take off and fly pretty quick but these geese didn't want to seem to fly. They just started walking away from me at a fairly fast pace for t waddling on short legs. I took several shots I drew near and then a few of them flew up but most  just kept trying to get away from me. And finally I reached the Tipping Point and they flew. I got several shots. I then watched them fly around and they did several really big loops and ended up in a field that was more snow covered about three hundred yards away. 

I decided to drive on up the road and walk up to them again. Again they repeated the same actions. It was obvious they again didn't want to fly away. They waddled away from me and I thought I'd be nice and not pursue them this time. I decided look for some other flocks thinking there might be some others around so I  drove around for 20 30 minutes not seeing anything so I thought I'd loop back by the original location. I found them and they were up in the air making that big loop again and then landed back in the original spot in the green field where I originally found them. I decided One Last Hurrah and I'll walk out to them again. Again they tried first to waddle away from me but eventually took off flying and I got some more take off shots. What a wonderful experience