Sunrise and Sunset Silhouettes at Reelfoot Lake

Sunrise & Sunset Silhouettes

Join Koral on her Kayak as Photographs this Beautiful Reelfoot Lake

Journey with Koral Martin on Reelfoot Lake as she captures sunrise and sunset silhouettes from her Kayak. She was able to also capture Osprey, Herons, Egrets and more as she photographed the beautiful area.  Reelfoot lake is located in Northwestern Tennessee and was formed during the 1811 1812 New Madrid Earthquakes.  The lake averages only 4 or 5 feet deep and is know for its Bald Cypress Trees and abundance of waterbirds and birds of prey. Koral enjoyed captured the birds in their habitat close up by utilizing her kayak. During the sunrise and sunset they made wonderful silhouettes as they nested and bedded in the cypress trees.