Join my Journey - Koral's Colors of the Canyons Photo Journey

Join me on my Journey- what journey you ask... Why Koral's color of the canyons journey - a photo tour to Escalante, Zion, Slots Canyons and more fabulous places with intense hiking and beautiful fall color. It will memorable experience that will test me mentally, physically, and creatively. Follow me as I prepare gathering camera equipment, hiking equipment, clothing, and getting in shape for long hikes, steep climbs and rock scambling.  A challenge at any age but as one getting older, a little more of a challenge.  Be sure to watch my intro video at the bottom of this post!

FIrst about that photo tour - I will be traveling to Utah and spending close to a week photographing many fasciating canyons at the peak of fall color.  I committed to doing a trip to Utah doing a photo tours of many phenomenal locations. One destination is the Escalante area  which will include Coyote Gulch, Cathedral Gorge and Golden Cathedral.  This will be intense and long hiking with some rock scrambling - YIKES.  One will be the Narrows at Zion where we will hike in the river to some phenomenal views.  Another  will be Kanerra Creek.  A slot canyon with waterfalls - WOW.  I'm really excited about that.  I will be hitting some other places that I will be announcing soon, they are still in the planning stages.  


In order to share these things it requires time and equipment to make the videos and camera equipment, mainly special filters, for the trip and the trip of course isn't free so if you or your business would like to help support me, just as a donation or as a sponsor, this is the place.   I will be creating videos and supplying links and documents with information.   I will be sharing some of it here and some on facebook with special extra access for those who donate. I will also be creating a Utah book from these photos and from others from my prior travels. All donators will get 15% off the paper back version of the book and 10% off the hardback version in addition to the extra content.  Contact me if your business wants to sponsor me through this and we can make it happen!  I'll be glad to add your logo to my videos along with a few other perks depending on amount.