Winter Wonders

Koral Martin

Hello, Winter.

We have not had a real winter in years but boy have we this year!!  We have about 10 days of nasty with only a little reprieve in between the ice and snow.

 I've lost track of it all some, but it started out with a freezing mist that lasted for days with scattered snowflakes then things turned really cold and then the real snow came, we got as low as minus 16 and we have about a eight or nine inches of snow, hard to tell because the wind was blowing so much with drifting. 

I first got out with the ice.  The roads were bad and the sidewalks and ground were even worse.  I had to wear my crampons just to walk. I ventured out to a holding pond near a lake right outside of town.  Frosty crystals and ice were clinging to the stems and vegetation along the banks and were fascinating. I spent a lot of time down on my stomach trying to capture them close up.  Then  I even had some fun with my drone.  At the bottom of this block you will be able to see some of my drone footage and my Facebook Live.

Then came the snow.  It started out slow with lots of drifting and really cold temps.  We got to -16 and one day I think our high was 1.  Then we had more snow and more snow.  I think we ended up with around 10 inches maybe more.  I love snow - especially when I can combine it with water.  Finally Thursday  we had some sunshine so it was fun to capture the sunrise (middle photo).

Just when I thought I'd probably not be able to capture any more "winter" shots, I went out early on Friday and not only was the snow still pretty but the freezing fog had left beautiful ice crystals on all the trees and the rivers were really steaming - just WOW!

I really have been able to capture such a variety of images.  From wildlife, to ice crystals, to heaps of snow.  Yes I don't like the cold but has been a wonderful two weeks for photography!

Enjoy some video from this few weeks - a Facebook Live and a Drone Video of the Icy Days. Just a teaser right now on ice - full video coming soon (It will be on my you-tube channel soon too.

Full Ice Video Coming soon - here is teaser....